Residential, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services

We Cover All Your Needs

One time cleanings, Recurring cleanings, ​Common area cleaning

Move in / Move outs ​Spring cleaning, Junk removal

Inside and out Ovens / Refrigerators Detail dusting

Windows, Carpet, Rugs & ​Laundry Cleaning

Commercial Industrial Cleaning Service

Although we focus on home cleaning services, KBCS also proudly extends our exceptional services to commercial and Industrial customers. If you are looking for a professional team to help keep your business looking its best, you should not hesitate to get in touch.

Consider the following reasons to give our team a call:
  • Our cleaners are professionally trained.
  • We customize our services to fit your needs.
  • Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed with Us!
  • We perform ongoing inspections to ensure that every clean is up to our high standards.

Do not hesitate to get the exceptional clean that you deserve. Contact KBCS today to learn more about the services we offer and the ways in which we can go above and beyond for you. We proudly offer completely free estimates where we will discuss your needs and customize our services to build the right cleaning program for you. Call us today to schedule your first appointment with our commercial cleaning team!

Residential Cleaning Service

When you hire the team from Klean & Brite Cleaning Services, you can be confident knowing that we will deep clean your home from top to bottom. From scrubbing the floors to wiping down the counters to making faucets shine, we will be sure that we deliver a sparkling clean home that you can be proud to show off to your friends.

Shopping Mall Cleaning

We have years of experience providing janitorial maintenance for shopping mall cleaning services. Provide a pleasant shopping experience with a clean and safe environment for shoppers to purchase their goods with peace of mind. .

Klean & Brite Cleaning Services has the experience and knowledge to effectively clean enclosed and exterior shopping mall centres. We provide day shift, swing shift, or grave shift janitors to clean during peak and off time hours. Ensure that the food court and general shopping mall areas are kept clean when you select Klean & Brite Cleaning Services as your cleaning provider.

We provide shopping mall cleaning services for businesses of all size. We are experienced and reliable, so call on us whether you need shopping mall cleaning services during shopping hours, or after shopping hours. Contact Klean & Brite Cleaning Services and we can develop a plan to meet your specific Shopping Mall Cleaning needs.


  1. Sweeping and mopping stairwells and common area hard sources
  2. Cleaning interior glass
  3. Floor buffing (if the store has polish on the floor).
  4. Washing interior hallway windows and window frames
  5. Cleaning and organizing meeting room areas
  6. Dusting horizontal surfaces
  7. High dust reachable areas
  8. Disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms
  9. Throwing out trash and replacing waste basket liners
  10. Vacuuming carpets and door mats
  11. Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher and exit signs
  12. Specialized cleaning service (detailed dusting of the store shelves and other general cleaning).
  13. Outdoor cleaning of the parking areas in front of the supermarket building (garbage disposal and sweeping).
  14. Trash pickup and disposal
  15. Waste disposal of trash bins in front of store and in parking area.

We ensure that everything is done right. We take pride in our cleaning services and commitment to meeting your needs.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Keep Your Carpets Looking Brand New

It happens all the time. You install new carpet or buy a home and fall in love with the floors. Then, over time, they start to look dingy. The colours change, stains start to appear, and the whole room just starts to look a little drab. Don’t let that happen to your home/Office! Carpets are a main focus in any room, and it is important that you keep them looking fresh. With help from the professionals of KBCS, you can.

We know that carpets often carry a lot of grime and dirt—and they can be a breeding ground of allergens and germs. With our residential/commercial cleaning services, we use our professional equipment to keep your carpet looking amazing and your home/office healthy.

Window Cleaning Services

Sparkling clean windows make a huge difference, but they are one of the most difficult jobs for the average homeowner to accomplish. Clean windows let the light in and provide a beautiful view of the outside, whereas grimy, spotted, and streaked glass panes lend a messy appearance to your home as a whole and inhibit the flow of sunlight. Not only is achieving clean windows difficult, sometimes it can also be dangerous. This is especially true if ladders or leaning through windows for access is involved in the process. To top it all off, you will typically find that even after all your work and effort, your windows are often even more streaked and smeared than before you started!

We keep windows clean by doing the following:
  • Clearing away grease, grime, dust, bird excrement, and other contaminants
  • Cleaning cobwebs and bugs from the edges of the glass
  • Wiping edges and sills dry
  • Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed with Us!

We perform ongoing inspections to ensure that every clean is up to our high standards.

We can help you keep your windows clean & sparkling!

Our window washing experts at KBCS can help. We know exactly how to get your windows looking their sparkling, transparent best. You won’t have to worry about a thing – you’ll be able to simply sit back and enjoy your streak-free, sunshine-filled windows without any hassle whatsoever! This is just part of our guarantee to you.

Our Range of Cleaning Services Include This And More
  • Tile Polishing / Buffing
  • Tile Scrubbing
  • Residential Regular Cleaning
  • Residential Occasional Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Blind Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Polishing
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Vacate Cleaning
  • Moving In Cleaning
  • Shower Glass Cleaning
  • Shower Tiles Cleaning
  • Tile Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Office Cleaning
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Hotel & Resort Cleaning
  • Supermarket Cleaning
  • Mall Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Health Facilities Cleaning
  • Bank Cleaning
  • Credit Facilities Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • After Construction
  • Roof & Gutter Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • BBQ Cleaning
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Lawn Cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Quality Assurance program gives you confidence that our rigorous housecleaning standards are followed diligently by our highly trained employees, who all care about the quality of the work they do in your home. We are completely committed to the continuous improvement of all our procedures and policies. Our people value what they receive and value the homes they clean. We invest in training and development of our employees in order to bring to the market the very best in professionalism and latest in industry trends. By sharing KBCS ways of doing business, you too contribute to a more balanced and fair way to treat the people who clean your home. Our commitment to high standards of quality and our dedication to client satisfaction have created our success.

Yes, KBCS carries full coverage for breakage or damage to home or office and contents that occurs while we’re cleaning. All employees are bonded for your peace of mind.

An accident or injury in your home/ office during cleaning time is covered under our workers’ compensation program and does not involve the homeowners insurance in any way.

Most of our clients simply give us a key for our cleaning teams to use. All keys are identified by a code without a name and address attached to it. They are kept in a secure locked space in our office. Should you not wish to give us a key, we are happy to make other arrangements for access to your home or office.

Absolutely! Our teams of expert housecleaners bring everything needed to get your home sparkling!

We accept cash, cheque. We ask for payment on the day of service. Cash or cheque may be left on the counter for our cleaning crew leader to pick up. In the event of a returned check, we reserve the right to assess a $30.00 fee.

We are happy to give you a Domestic / Commercial cleaning estimate. Please contact us today – Suva Office on (+679) 7776027 or Email & Nadi Office on (+679) 7776025 or Email – to schedule.

We make every attempt to send the same cleaning crew, however we may have to switch personnel in the event of an illness or vacation. If we send a substitute, you can be assured that we are sending a skilled, trained technician and there is always a supervisor in the home. The crew carries specific instructions about what we do in your home and the work is checked by the supervisor.

Please remove any items that may delay our cleaning personnel in the cleaning of your home. This will maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend cleaning your home.

Your children are your treasures and for their safety, we ask that they be supervised during our visit. Even though we use environmentally safe products and equipment, we don’t want accidents harming your precious treasures.

We know also that your pets are important members of your family so we ask that you secure them for their safety as well as ours.

Entry into your home is necessary for us to do our work. We ask that we have access through a key or other prior arrangement that has been made with our office. If you have an alarm, we are happy to disarm it with the alarm code you give us or you have to option to leave the alarm off on cleaning day. From time to time, our crews have arrived to find they cannot get into the home or office. We of course pay them for their time and in doing so bill our clients for 50% of the service that would have been performed.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We inspect our cleaning work before leaving your house.  If, after your inspection, you find our service unsatisfactory, you can contact us within 24 hours so we can correct the issue the next day. Refunds are not offered.